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The combat system is one of the most important elements of a game, especially when it comes to MMORPG. Up to 90% of the time in such games is dedicated to battles, and it is important these battles trigger a rush of adrenaline rather than make you yawn with boredom. The Project Genom combat system employs a non-target system, which allows for more captivating fighting experience. The absence of automatic targeting adds to the challenging nature of the game. Working on tactics and planning out your attacks becomes a vital condition when fighting a powerful enemy. The outcome of a battle depends on characters’ individual skills and the ability to use them right.

Project Genom encourages the exploration of the game world and its history. For example, reading the scientists’ notes or speaking with other inhabitants of the game world can give you precious information about how to fight a particular type of enemy. You can use this knowledge during combat when it is important to hit the weakest spots of an enemy, dealing a critical damage.

However, not all enemies can be studied that way. Major raid bosses have a set of combat tactics that are selected at random upon every battle. You will need to come up with a specific strategy every time given the circumstances of a particular battle. That’s why such missions are especially interesting, but because they are very difficult they are meant for parties.

Different weapons have different strike range and it is important to know whether you’re close enough to your enemy to kill it, for instance, with a sniper rifle. When you have an enemy in the sights of your weapon, you will see the marker of the distance between you and the enemy. Depending on the range of your weapon or skill, you’ll be able to estimate if the attack is possible.

You’d better keep your character alive as best you can, for the respawn spots are not spread as wide as players would like. Plus, the death of a character also entails the damage to your equipment and weapon. There is also a 30-second period of inactivity when a player can neither deal nor receive damage. This period of time can be used to retreat and regroup, especially if the respawn spot is situated not in a good place.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

A character can have only two types to weapon at the same time: heavy and light. Light weapons include blades, pistols and shotguns, while heavy weapons comprise glaives, sniper and assault rifles. You can use dual weapons but only of one and the same type. For example, two pistols or two blades. You need to have a certain skill to do that. You can learn the skill if you find a special microchip.

A fire support can be provided by a turret that has upgrade slots and can be upgraded the same way any weapon can. Pets can also attack enemies if you use certain modifications. More information on weapons can be found here.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Armor in the game can be light, medium and heavy. Besides the level of defense, a type of armor also has an impact on a character’s agility and speed. You can also use extra defense with a power shield that can absorb a certain amount of damage.

The power shield bar appears over the life bar as soon as you learn the necessary skill or put a shield in the slot. When you learn the skill, the shield will get upgraded together with your skill. If you use special equipment, the power of the shield will depend on the capacity of the battery.

Special Equipment[edit | edit source]

In the inventory window, you can notice one spare slot that cannot be used for armor or weapons. They are meant for a special type of equipment, which will become available only once your character hits high levels. Missions will be so difficult you won’t cope without extra equipment.

There are 3 types of special equipment: manipulator, mech and cover. Each of these types is unique and can be modified like any weapon or armor. An manipulator, for example, boosts a character’s physical power and allows inflicts a tremendous damage on any enemy.

Mech can be used when you need the highest level of protection. For instance, you’d like to have a stroll along the river of boiling lava or get a nice tan lying near a radioactive crystal. Heavy armor will serve as a defense for your organs from any external threat. Mech is also equipped with the most advanced heavy equipment and can protect you against the most lethal enemy.

Cover boasts a peculiar set of features and requires a high level of mutagens in the blood. Those are needed to change the looks of a character, after which the character is able to use attacks of symbiotic or psionic type, depending on the cover. A symbiote, for example, can control parasites living in his/her body to heal or enhance other party members. A psionic can summon various creatures to his/her aid and control them in battle.

All 3 types of special equipment have their unique features, their weaknesses and strengths. What they have in common is that they can almost turn you into a god. You will open the doors that have been closed before and see new opportunities. Besides, you will most certainly be an extremely valuable asset in any party, especially when it comes to raid missions.

Skills[edit | edit source]

In the world of Project Genom absolutely everything depends on the level of your skills. The success rate of any activity, be it crafting, hunting, modernization, fixing or something else, depends on them. The same could be said about fighting, since your weapon or skill can also be upgraded. You are not bound to the traditional MMO classes of a tank, a damage dealer or support. You can be whoever you wish to be on Avalon. Countless skill combinations allow you to create a character with individual and rare abilities. Combat tactics vary greatly as well, depending on who’s in the party and on individual strengths. But an enemy can surprise you too, for it also has unlimited possibilities for developing skills.

Avalon is a planet with a hostile, vicious environment. You will often find yourself in a situation where you’ll have to fight for your right to live and for the survival of humankind. Without your help, there may be no future at all. So grab your weapon and defend your race or your personal interests.