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Exosuits are a special type of armor with extra protection. The exosuit is made out of nanofabric that can alter its molecular structure depending on the circumstances on the battlefield. They managed to create an armor suit out of this fabric only once they could connect the armor to an individual via a special contact. The nanofabric receives information directly from the person wearing the suit and is able to react to the hostile environment immediately.

These suits are extremely expensive and not everyone can afford them. They are highly priced not only because of the expensive nanofabric, but mostly because, apart from the seven suit parts, they also require an exoskeleton that occupies a separate slot in the inventory and serves to enhance your muscle strength. Exosuit parts can only be used with the exoskeleton equipped.

Each armor suit element can be upgraded. There is special equipment at outposts and the ark that can help you do it nice and easy. The better the armor, the higher the quality of details should be, and you will not be able to upgrade your suit without a high-level skill.

Apart from armor, you may wear regular clothes, which also have different stats and upgrades. For instance, you may find yourself in a zone with a high radiation level. In that case you’d better equip a radiation protection suit if you want to live. At any point in the game you may switch between your armor and regular clothes with only one click.

Fascinating and perilous world awaits beyond the walls of the ark. You can explore all of it, but only if you survive. So you might want to suit up for that.