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In Project Genom, the player is initally awakened from a cryodream and cannot be classified as a human being. They must progress their character towards becoming either human, mutant or synthetic.

Rather than the typical game mechanic of allocation points to attributes such as strength, agility, stamina, intelligence, perception and endurance, the game has players investing points in their system of internal organs.

Each system provides access to active and passive skills for humans, mutants or synthetics, but to access these skills a player needs to invest a certain amount of points. These points are obtained when applying particular implants which can be developed and replaced to get more points and more skills. In this way, each internal can be improved by acquiring either active or passive skills.

While the choice of human, mutant or synthetic upgrades is up to the player, starting down any one path very often leaves no way back to the other two. Through his or her choices, the player changes the balance of his/her body parts, thus becoming more and more like a human, mutant or synthetic.

An implant allows for up to 3 chips.