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Lost Fastener is a quest recommended for level 2 in the Ark Surroundings.


My sudden appearance from the belly of the ventilation duct seems to scare the technician working they to death. The poor fellow not only fell of the ladder but lost some screws. Perhaps it would be better if I help to pick them up.


Collect the screws from the floor (total of four)


EXP: 168

Credits: 34

Items: Raider Shoulderpads (Requires Tactics 2; Armor 3-4 Shield 8-13 Energy 13-26 Weight 6)


The screws look very similar to hockey pucks and are exclusively found on the ground, so keep your eyes peeled. The low amount of lighting in the area makes finding them rather difficult, especially with the fourth screw.


To acquire the quest interact with the puck just left of the ladder base that Engineer Lancer is standing on.

First Screw

From the quest acquisition spot (facing Engineer Lancer and the wall) turn left (about 135 degrees) until you can see some railing. The puck is in front and to the right of it. It's also halfway between Engineer Lancer and the three stacked orange cylinders next to an NPC working on one of the large fans.

Second Screw

From Engineer Lancer turn right (about 160 degrees) until you spot an upright yellow canister/barrel. Head towards it, and to your right there should be 3 upright metal/chrome canisters/barrels and a fourth that's on it's side. Another screw is just on the other side of the fallen canister/barrel trying to hide under the trolley thing.

Third Screw

From Engineer Lancer Head north (90ish degrees left) on your map toward the area marked "Cyro Unit" on your map. Stop about halfway between and turn left about (90 degrees). There is a open area with two upright yellow canisters/barrels next to the far wall. Halfway between you and those two canisters/barrels is a "bridge" like formation in the floor. The screw is near the left side of your end of this "bridge" but is not actually on it.

Fourth Screw

Head back to the area marked "Cyro Unit" until you're next to the giant red light on the wall where a wall fan should probably be. To your left (90ish degrees) there should be a large doorway. Head toward it but don't go through it. The final screw is very sneakily hidden in the shadow of the corner on the doorway's right. You won't find it outside of dumb luck or foreknowledge.

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